What to look for when buying a house with a pool?

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You have just found the perfect house replete with swimming pool! Time to dive in? Not quite yet - you need to make sure that pool is in good condition. The condition of your pool can often indicate the maintenance on the property and give you insight about the plumbing and potential hazards you may face.


Pools are wonderful to enjoy and add both relaxation and recreation outlets for you and your loved ones. Pools can add value to your home as well, but it is important that you get up to speed on the condition of your pool when you buy a house with a pool.


Learn Your Pool’s History

First of all, start out by learning when the pool was built and by whom. Often pools that are built with new homes have had certified pool inspections and are up to standards for municipal requirements. However, older pools may not have had pool inspections.


It helps to know who installed the pool before you buy the house. This can help with repairs. Does your new swimming pool meet HOA requirements? Is it up to code?


Get a Pool Inspection

Do not assume that an existing pool meets the requirements for your homeowner’s association. It is important that you do your own check. You may face a lot of fees and also repairs. Check also that your swimming pool meets applicable federal, state and local regulations for pool safety. 


For example, federal safety rules introduced in 2007 require that pools have drain covers fitted to prevent injuries. Many pools that were installed before 2007 do not have them.


Check Your Insurance Coverage

Having a pool can also affect your insurance costs for your home. Backyard pools are included under the “other structures” section of your home insurance policy. It is important that you check what this policy actually covers and if it is sufficient to pay for potential repairs for your pool. You will also need to have good liability coverage if anyone is injured or drowns in your pool.


Some home insurance policies require that you also set up a pool fence around your pool. You can install removable pool fences to safeguard your loved ones. We offer a variety of options at Pool Safety Systems.


Understand Ongoing Costs

Having a pool can add up in costs. Heating the pool is usually the biggest expense, followed by any repairs. Make sure your pool heater is up to date and efficient, using less energy. If you have any broken parts or cracks in the pool, be sure to repair them quickly to prevent future bigger problems and to lower your utility bill.

Understand Maintenance Issues

Determine whether the prior home owner had any maintenance issues with the pool. Does the pool have ongoing maintenance problems? Be sure to figure this out and get areas renovated and repaired to avoid headaches and larger expenses in the future.


Add Necessary Pool Safety Equipment

In addition to removable pool fences, you can also have pool safety covers installed. Inground pool covers will keep your loved ones out of the pool and protect your pool at the same time.


Owning a pool can offer you many years of pleasure and enjoyment. Do not avoid purchasing your perfect home because you are intimidated or unsure of how to maintain a pool. By asking the right questions and getting help where you need it with pool inspections, installing the right pool safety equipment and regular pool maintenance, you will be able to enjoy outdoor living in your backyard to your heart’s content!


Contact us at Pool Safety Systems to purchase and install your pool safety cover and removable pool fence.

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