Pool Covers and Pool Fencing Help Prevent Drowning and Accidents

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Drowning and accidents are unfortunately far too commonplace in swimming pools. For many new homeowners, who have just bought new homes with pools, it is helpful to first get a pool inspection to ensure that your pool is up to safety standards. Pool inspections may not be necessary in order to buy a home with a pool, but make a lot of sense as pools can be very expensive to build and fix. Having a pool inspection done by a certified pool inspector will help you understand the condition of your pool and any safety precautions you need to take as well as anything that needs to be fixed such as a pipe, cracks in pool tiles or broken heaters. Even if you have had a pool in your home for a long time, it can be helpful to get a pool inspection to help you check your pool’s current standard and to fix anything that needs to be repaired. After a pool inspection, the most important thing you can do to safeguard your kids and loved ones when using the swimming pool, is to install proper pool safety equipment such as pool covers and pool fences.

When you put pool safety first, you avoid accidents and prepare everyone present with rules in place to prevent injuries, mishaps and fatal drownings from occurring. A little preparation can go a long way. Far too often, home owners and parents are lax about enforcing any swimming rules at their own home (such as no diving or running along the side of the pool) until it is too late.


Preventive Measures: Pool Covers and Pool Fences

When you use pool safety equipment such as pool covers and pool fencing, you put in place measures that work for you even when you are not physically present. A pool cover protects your loved ones, whether they are kids or pets, from falling into the pool by accident. Pool covers can be constructed of different materials. It is important that when you select a pool cover, that it custom fits your specific pool precisely, is durable and well constructed and meets safety standards. It is also important that your pool cover does not have any rips or tears. If you see deterioration in your pool cover, it is time to get it replaced.

Having a pool cover in place keeps toddlers, infants, young kids and all pets from wandering into the pool. The pool cover is too heavy to be removed by them as well. Buy a pool cover ideally before you need one and install it before the winter. 


Replace Worn Out Pool Covers

When your pool cover rips or is worn out, it is time to replace it. When a pool cover is poorly made or simply worn out (over 20 years old for example), your cover no longer works. Debris falls into the pool and the cover fails to protect your loved ones from slipping in. When you shop around for a pool cover, look for a company that has several options, is willing to custom fit your pool cover to your pool and provides a reasonable warranty (10-15 years).  

Keep your pool cover on your pool when your pool is not in use.


Install a Pool Fence

Add a pool safety fence around the perimeter of your entire pool to prevent kids and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. Your pool safety fence must be a a minimum of 4 feet in height. This prevents children from climbing over. Avoid putting any patio furniture or ladders nearby that a kid can climb on top and then cross over your fence.

Removable pool fences are easy to assemble and install quickly and do not take up too much space. They come in a variety of aesthetic styles and can match your patio furniture or other elements of your backyard. Removable pool fences are not easy for children to climb as the tiny holes are too small for a child to grab or put feet into. With reinforced pools and nylon mesh, removable pool fences are also stronger than they appear. Your pool fence must have a self-latching mechanism so it instantly closes behind you and prevents any kids from falling you.

Finally, in addition to your pool safety equipment, keep a telephone and med kit nearby at all times. There must always be an adult present to supervise any children and pets near or in the pool at all times. The adult watching over kids must also be trained in CPR and know how to swim. 

Contact Pool Safety Systems for help in choosing the right pool fence and pool cover for your pool. We can measure your pool and custom fit your pool with the right pool cover and pool fence for you. We’ll also install both your pool cover and pool fencing on site. Stay safe and enjoy your pool all season long!

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