Avoid Swimming Pool Accidents with Pool Safety Covers

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Did you know that it takes only 2 minutes for a child to drown in a pool? Swimming pool accidents can be fatal. Avoid such calamities with a good plan for pool safety. 

How do you plan for pool safety? Well first you begin with clear thinking and preventative measures. This includes training all adults so that you always have an adult in charge when anyone is in the pool at all times. The adult placed in charge of pool supervision must also know how to swim, be trained in basic CPR and have immediate access to a telephone and med kit at all times. Never leave a child unattended or alone in the pool.

Your pool should have some basic safety measures in place such as rules you enforce like no diving in the shallow end and no running along the sides, to prevent accidents where kids or even adults might slip on tiles or concrete and really hurt their heads and bodies. Putting a few safety rules like this in place may seem unnecessary but can prevent you heartache and injury!

You also need to have the right pool safety equipment in place. This includes a well made, durable, pool safety cover and pool fencing that encloses the perimeter of your pool. You may also want to have pool alarms installed. When kids or anyone who does not know how to swim goes into the pool, you will also want them to wear lifejackets and have an adult close by monitoring activity and watching out for any accidents or entanglements.

When you choose your pool cover, whether it is a solid pool cover or a mesh pool cover, be sure to work with a company that will custom fit your pool cover to precisely fit your specific pool measurements. Also check that the company who will be installing your cover is insured. Pool covers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. You can find one that you find attractive and suits the decor of your backyard. The most important aspect though is safety and that must be paramount in choosing the type of pool cover you buy.

If you have an existing pool cover that came with the pool when you bought the home or one that you have in use for a long time, make sure that it is not ripped in any area and suitable for your use. A pool cover that is worn out is of no use to you. Children and even pets can slip and fall into a pool when the pool cover is not strong or sturdy enough. Worn out pool covers also sag when leaves and debris fall on them, rendering them useless and making cleaning out the pool even more laborious! 

Be sure to invest in a high quality, well made pool cover that comes with a manufacturer warranty (typically 10-15 years max) and can be installed on site for you. Having a pool cover in place prevents accidents from happening in the first place. It makes it clear when the pool is available for use and not. A kid cannot fall into a pool when you have a good quality pool cover in place.

In addition to having a pool cover, you may also want to have a pool fence installed. At Pool Safety Systems, we can assist you with both and help install your pool cover and pool fencing. We offer a variety of styles. All of our pool fences are well made and serve as excellent barriers to child entry into pools. We can help measure your pool and custom fit a pool fence to meet your needs exactly. 

At Pool Safety Systems, we custom fit your pool with the right pool cover. We can come to your home and install pool covers for you. Get in touchto learn more and choose the right cover for your swimming pool.


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