15 Pool Safety Fence Must Haves

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When purchasing a removable pool fence for your pool, its important to know that not all pool fences are the same. Even though many pool fences look similar there are a variety of very significant differences between the different brands of pool fences. Let’s take a look at some of the important safety features that every pool safety fence should have: 


  1. Your pool fence must have a reinforced pole from the top to the bottom. Their are many poles that are referred to by the manufactures and dealers as a solid pole, when in-fact they are not solid at all. They have a pin inside the pole that is only a few inches long and the rest of the pole is hollow. The other very important feature of the poles is that they should be made of aluminum and not fiberglass (“composite poles”). IMG_1409.jpgFiberglass does not fair well with the elements. The typical fiberglass pole will begin to break down when exposed to the sun, changes in temperature and even acid rain. Don’t get tricked into thinking fiberglass poles are stronger that an extruded aluminum poles either. When the fiberglass poles bend from a child pushing against the fence the screws that hold the mesh to the fence often come out and need to be replaced. Fiberglass poles are cheaper than hollow aluminum poles, but often sold for a premium. Use caution when handling fiberglass as the tiny shards of glass in the material have been known to cause skin irritations when they come in contact with the skin. Hence, purchasing pool fences with fiberglass poles should be avoided.

  2. Check that your pool fence is painted via an electronic application using a powder coat process and not an anodized process. The powder coat process offers a 6 stage wash before the final epoxy coast is applied to the pole. This gives better adhesion. Many pool fence companies fail to offer this or overlook this step, resulting in a pool fence with flaking paint. Avoid scratches and flaking by checking for this step in the final paint finish for your pool fence.

  3. There are a lot of materials you can choose for construction of your pool fence. Mesh is recommended. Request a Textilene® mesh pool fence. The polyester coated mesh has been the industry leader for over 80 years and still outlasts the competition. Make sure the mesh that you choose is high quality, and uses nylon inside the mesh. Nylon makes the pool fence material strong, pliable and prevents tears and rips.

  4. Look for heavy duty, non-conductive resin sleeves. Make sure that the resin sleeves used to install the fence comply the national electrical bonding codes.  

  5. Your pool fence must come with a lifetime factory warranty. Please note that a factory warranty is better than a guaranty you get from a dealer of that product. Dealers come and go and if a dealer should go out of business, so does the warranty that dealer gave you. Make sure the manufacturer is a U.S. based company and listed by the Better Business Bureau not to have any complaints filed.

  6. The latches on your pool fence gate must be lockable and not easy for a child to open. It is advisable to have stainless steel latches that connect the sections together, white metal, brass or zinc coated latches often break, or rust making the fence accessible by a child and non-safe. No matter how strong a fence is, if the latching mechanism is not working, its not safe. If you live in a coastal area stainless steel latches are essential.

  7. Your pool fence must be constructed of mildew-resistant material. Mildew and acid rain often take it’s toll on the mesh material causing many PVC meshes to become hard and brittle. Make sure the mesh is a nylon mesh and not exclusively a PVC mesh. One way to test the mesh is to stick a pen through it, a nylon mesh will not rip and go right back in place.

  8. All paints and vinyls for your pool fence must be UV protected as your pool fence is often in direct sunlight. We suggest that check to see which type of vinyl is used by the manufacturer and check the UV rating from the vinyl manufacturer.
  9. The screws that hold your pool fence together must also be made of stainless steel in order to prevent rust. Do not use a cheaper white metal screw will result in rusting and premature failure of the pool fence.

  10. Having ergonomic EZ grips makes opening and closing your pool fence a breeze. EZ grips help those that may not have the hand strength to open and remove the fence, like grandparents.

  11. Your pool fence should also have a rectangular corner and end posts. If your fence is terminated with an end post, we suggest you have a heavy duty rectangular pole.

  12. Make sure the binding and threads that are used to sew the binding to the pool fence are marine grade. This ensures durability in inclement weather and other varying conditions. Cheap binding and cotton threads will deteriorate over time. Remember, its not the number of lines of thread, it’s the quality of the tread that matters. When a company says they use 4 or 5 stitches to secure the binding, the reason lies in the thread.

  13. Check that your pool fence does not have a twist-type sleeve that often causes problems with the fence being properly secured to the deck. This type of sleeve has been know to pull out of the deck when the fence is removed, and should be avoided.

  14. Make sure your pool fence is 48” (4 feet) high or higher. In states that require these types of fences as part of their barrier codes, 48” is the minimum height requirement by law. 48” fences are more effective in keeping the children out of the pool, especially, when children of different ages live in the house. Your pool fence should also enclose your entire pool.

  15. Knowledgeable pool safety experts provide unparalleled customer service. Finally, buy your fence from a reputable removable pool fence company, one that specializes in just installing pool fences. Make sure that you get to see the product first and ask for references. You are buying a product that will hopefully save your child’s life and ensure your peace of mind. At Pool Safety Systems, we have been providing custom pool fences to our customers for over a decade. We take the time to do it right and are just a phone call away if you have any questions. We also offer additional products such as safety pool covers. Call us at (888) 255-8800.


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